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Meet the Fairowners: Marek Läll, our Solutions Architect

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

This time, we had a chat with Marek Läll, our Solutions Architect. He joined Fairown, because he saw the opportunity to build something innovative and sustainable - the idea of reusing products seemed to be a good fit to address the issues of a modern world.

Tell us about your professional background.

My professional career started in 1994. I have focused on relational databases and the infrastructure required for it. I have worked as a Technical Support Engineer, Trainer, Developer, Architect, Department Manager, and Infrastructure Engineer. The longest I’ve stayed at one company is a bit more than 15 years in a Nordic financial institution.

Some of the most interesting and challenging projects date back to the beginning of 2000s, when I had to convert a system in Estonian into Latvian and Lithuanian, and adapt it to comply with local laws and practices. I literally lived over there for months until the system was good enough to serve the customers.

Why did you choose Fairown, what stood out for you?

To be honest, I was invited to join. Also, 15 years in one company had become a routine. One day, everyone needs a change. I saw an opportunity to contribute to building something innovative. The idea of reusing goods or recycling materials seemed to be a good fit to address the issues of a modern world. I liked that Fairown was at an early stage - it added an extra challenge (and opportunities!) as many things had to be started from scratch.

Name some fun facts about yourself that we can’t find on your CV or social profile.

I have a yearly routine of going cross-country skiing to Levi in Northern Finland. Surprisingly enough, each year the mileage increases - last time, I was there for 6 days and skied 175 km.

In elementary school, we had an obligatory subject - chess. It was for everyone, 2 hours a week. Later on, the training was accompanied by many camps and competitions. By lucky chance, I managed to participate in the Soviet Union’s team championship.

What drives and inspires you the most in your daily work?

Good colleagues and humour! When you share a laugh, the office lights up and has a great atmosphere for cooperation, which endorses good and honest daily communication.

Learning. This isn't just about technology, it's also about finding ways to be more effective. You need to know what's around the corner, otherwise, you don't know which way is the bright future or the dead end. Without thinking a couple of steps ahead, the quality of your decisions is random.

Clarity. It is important that the work makes sense and has an understandable context. A goal or task which does not make sense is a motivation killer for me.

Sometimes, researching complex issues is needed, both technical and theoretical. It helps to keep in touch with reality. It develops critical thinking and the ability to question everything. You have to find creative ways to prove or disprove something. Finding a solution flatters the soul and the ego.

Where do you see yourself and Fairown in a couple of years?

I want to pursue my career at Fairown. The company is growing fast, therefore, internal relations and structures are changing rapidly. Hopefully, natural evolution will lead the way for me and the company. I’ve got about 25 years of experience in IT - I hope my knowledge has been useful for the team and I still have something to share.

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