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Fairown was built
on a dream

We dream of using technology to save the planet.

We dream of strong businesses that can scale without depleting the planet’s resources.

We dream of having happy customers who can enjoy what the world has to offer while still being mindful and aware of how waste is managed.

Are you with us?

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Hendrik Roosna, CEO / Co-Founder

Taivo Türnpu, CTO / Co-Founder

Careers at Fairown

Create sustainable future with us

Do you have the same dream as ours?

If yes, we might have a position for you!

We’re growing fast. This means new jobs pop up
all the time. Check out our open jobs.

Our Tallinn office is a home for diverse teams from R&D to marketing. We have sales and customer support teams across the Baltics, Scandinavia, and the UK.

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Our team aims to help brands become leaders
in sustainability.

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