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Want up to 60% repeat business in retail? 

We bring your customers back to you!

Fairown Sales & Buyback helps your business grow, thrive, and become more sustainable through recommerce.

Fairown is a combined system of credit and buyback. We give your customers more choice and take away the hassle of getting rid of the products they no longer need. 

The combined effect of circular economy

There are three main benefits of recommerce. 

  1. Make your business more predictable with return customers.

  2. Decrease environmental impact by extending the useful life of existing products.

  3. Generate new business by selling refurbished products.

Discover how much your business can grow with Fairown.

How it works?

With Fairown, the buyer is informed upon purchase about buyback terms. When their agreed usage date is due, they can choose to switch or keep using the existing product. We evaluate the returned product, give a fair fee, refurbish it for the secondary market, or send to recycling.

The resale model makes sense for your products if they fall into the following categories.

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Short update cycle

New product versions are introduced every year, like smartphones.

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Limited user need

Baby items, hobby equipment or similar that one buyer needs for a short time.

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Durable goods

Tools, vehicles, or hi-fi equipment with a long life span and a high resale value.

Selection of leading brands, offering Fairown Buyback

Full API Solution

Integrate seamlessly into your existing platform, providing full white-label experience.

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Suite Solution

Just link from your platform product page to Fairown solution page. Fairown will do the rest!

Used by leading brands 
across Europe

Fairown operates currently in 9 countries. Expansion into France, Italy, Spain, and the UK is in progress.

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“The team behind Fairown is experienced, solution-oriented, and a reliable partner even for the most premium brands. Komplett is the largest e-commerce player in the Nordics within consumer electronics, and we have chosen Fairown to enable the subscription-based offerings for the products we sell.”

Fredrik Dalengård 


Got questions? We are more than happy to answer!

Fill out your information and we will reach out to you.

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