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Product Subscriptions
for Environmentally-Conscious Brands

Our software as a service enables companies to launch, manage, and transform into a subscription business.


When a new model of the product is released, they will receive it upon returning their used model.

Upgrade & Return

Fairown helps you find a secondary market for them. This way, the products re-enter the market again.

Recycling & Renewal

The customer sees that you have a subscription plan for the product they want and signs up. 


The customer receives the product and enjoys it while paying less than the retail price.



A customer wants to use your product.

We Enable a
Circular Economy

Fairown can help you reduce waste and keep your customers happy by designing a financed product subscription model and ensuring smooth product renewal.

This can happen for your business too

Yes, it will work for your brand and your industry

We have already found solutions for subscription and mapped out scalable renewal processes for various industries.


Recognised by leading financial experts


You can also be a leader in sustainability

Join the leading brands who are shifting
from a linear to a circular economy

The team behind Fairown is experienced, solution-oriented, and a reliable partner even for the most premium brands. Komplett is the largest e-commerce player in the Nordics within consumer electronics, and we have chosen Fairown to enable the subscription-based offerings for the products we sell.

Fredrik Dalengård 


Managing Waste

Fairown is dedicated to finding your products a second home so they don't end up in the landfill. Maximize your products’ retail value and life cycle to help both your cash flow and the environment.

Finding the Right Market

Fairown currently operates in 8 markets: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, and Sweden. If you’re looking to sell to new markets that support sustainable consumption, we can help you expand.

Reverse Logistics

Skip the headache of reverse logistics. Fairown will make sure that your team collects used products smoothly and that your customers will receive complete backing instructions on how to return their items safely.

What Your Team Won’t
Have to Worry About

Doing Business As Usual

Taking care of the planet shouldn’t slow you down.

We’ll create a subscription plan that scales without making your team navigate the renewal and buyback process alone.

Staying Ahead of Your Competitors

Be one of the first visionary brands that recognize the rapidly increasing demand for sustainable consumption and are scaling growth on a finite planet.

Making Customers Happy

Build long-lasting relationships with your customers with Product as a Service plans that enable them to keep up with your latest products while reducing their carbon footprint.

The first step to creating a win-win-win situation for your brand, your customers and the planet

takes only 2 minutes.

Ready to join the shift?

If you’re looking for…

A new way to continue getting paid upfront for your products.

Lasting relationships with your customers.

A smooth end-to-end product renewal process.

Guaranteed growth without depleting the planet’s resources.

A software that can manage subscription plans beyond payment processing.

Increase in
purchase size

Increase in profitability

via add-on services

Years of industry


Fairown is the
fastest way

Fairown is the fastest way to meet the rapid demand for sustainable consumption without making costly mistakes trying to do it all on your own.

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