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Meet the Fairowners: Markus Mänd, our Software Engineer

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

We are excited to kick off a series of blog posts, introducing the awesome people in our team. They are the driving force behind Fairown’s unique subscription platform, helping brands and retailers to become more sustainable and reduce waste through a circular economy.

The first fairowner we sat down with, is Markus Mänd, our Software Engineer. Markus says that it’s easy for him to find motivation, because he loves what he does and each day is a new challenge. At Fairown, he found a chance to make the world a better place through writing code. That is also Markus’ goal - to enable the best version of a circular economy through software development.

Tell us about your professional background.

During my second year at the TalTech IT College I started working at Snowhound, where I started off as a Junior Developer. I was mostly outsourced to different projects across Estonia. I worked with partners from both the public and private sector. Some of the most interesting projects were the Estonian procurement system and work for Telia. During the last year of my three and a half year stay in Snowhound, I became an intermediate Software Developer and worked on an exciting project called HotelBuddy, which aims to provide a contact-free way for customers to stay at hotels. After that I landed at Fairown.

Name some fun facts about yourself that we can’t find on your CV or social profile.

  • I'm a bit of a geek, especially when it comes to history. I can lose sense of time when I start digging into a topic that interests me.

  • I can cook a hell of a carbonara.

  • I am a ginger, not like a full-blown ginger, but at times my hair looks orangish.

Why did you choose Fairown, what stood out for you?

It was mainly because of the chance to make the world a better place through writing code. Who wouldn't be interested in that? I was also looking for new challenges and Fairown fulfills this criteria perfectly.

How has your onboarding process been?

It has been super so far. Everybody is very friendly and it felt like home from the second I stepped foot in the office. Each of my questions has been answered and I have felt very welcomed.

What drives and inspires you the most in your daily work?

  1. I love my job and it feels more like a hobby, which makes it very easy to find motivation.

  2. I love that in IT you learn something every day. Also, every day is a new challenge that really keeps me going.

  3. I like to strive for a greener and brighter future, so this is the second motivator for me.

Where do you see yourself in a couple of years?

I guess my first goal is to become a Senior Software Developer and after that an Architect. What I want to achieve at Fairown is to enable the best version of a circular economy by writing code and developing software.

Stay tuned for more stories and insights into the life of fairowners!


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