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Discover the Benefits of Product Buyback

Hi, I'm Hendrik, CEO at Fairown! I'm happy to welcome you to our knowledge hub. We put together useful tips to explain the benefits of product buyback and product-as-a-service payment plans. 

Find out more about:

  • how to bring circular economy into e-commerce;

  • key definitions in products as a service;

  • 4 ways to offer product-as-a-service payment plans;

  • 3 smart ways to attract more customers;

  • how to get 50% more sales;

  • building product buyback bundles in 1 minute.

If you have any questions, reach out to us!

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Circular Economy in E-Commerce?

This video tells the story of Hendrik Roosna, Founder & CEO at Fairown. Why and how did he come to the idea of bringing the circular economy into e-commerce?

Let's follow Hendrik's journey, from participating in Y Combinator to working with Apple. His mission has always been driven by sustainability. 

Why? Because we don't have a solution what to do with old products. People hate the hassle of resale and that's why old products end up in drawers or landfills. By combining financial technology and sustainability, Hendrik's goal is to popularise circular payment plans. So that everybody wins: merchants, consumers, and the environment.

Guide for E-Commerce:
Key Terms in Products as a Service (COMPLETE)

This video is a complete guide for e-commerce merchants to explain key terms in product-as-a-service payment plans.

We'll talk about the following key definitions:


product-as-a-service method

compare it in B2B and B2C context

product-as-a-service transaction


residual value

fixed value buyback

Fairown's payment plan

4 Ways to Offer
Fairown & Alternatives

Fairown Buyback or In-House Rental (1/3)

This video explains 4 product-as-a-service models for e-commerce merchants.

We will compare Fairown Buyback with in-house rental.

What are key differences of Fairown Buyback and in-house rental?
What are the benefits and caveats for e-commerce merchants?
How does the legal relationship work?
Who provides product financing?
How does the transaction process work?
Who actually owns the product?

3 Smart Ways to Attract More Customers (ACTIONABLE)

This video reveals 3 actionable value propositions to get your e-commerce business more customers with Fairown Buyback.

Key insights that shape your value proposition: affordability, flexibility, all-inclusive.

Find out how Apple Premium Resellers, German power tools manufacturer STIHL, and the biggest e-commerce player in the Nordics, Komplett have designed their product buyback plans.

You can be next!

Get 50% More Sales
with Fairown Buyback

This video explains how e-commerce merchants can get +50% more sales with Fairown Buyback.

We'll show how merchants can measure the benefits in:

1. improved business potential;

2. reduced environmental impact;

3. new business from trading returned products.

Build Product Buyback Bundles
in 1 Minute

This video will show how quick and easy it is to build product bundles with Fairown Buyback.

It takes just about 1 minute to launch a product bundle for your e-commerce business. Stand out and become a solution provider. Combine products and services to create unique value for customers. 

Let us know if you have any questions.

We're here to help!

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