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Leveraging Social Responsibility Through Subscription-Based Products

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Acknowledging the amount of waste being produced in the world every day, it’s important to realise that each of us has an impact. It starts with simple things such as taking care of our old smartphones or laptops.

As the practices of the circular economy are gaining traction, consumers can leverage social responsibility through subscription-based products and by reviving their old devices.

Sustainable Subscription-Based Models

As a subscription-based financing provider for tech equipment, Fairown shares the socially responsible mindset. We make an impact by example and contribute to the circular economy and sustainability. Our goal is not only to make the buying process as simple and convenient as possible and offer better price conditions, but also to ensure the peace of mind that consumers’ old devices get a new life. Fairown practices social responsibility through subscription-based product models which create the opportunity for consumers to get involved. This is not where it ends, because we look for innovative solutions to add extra value to utilised devices. So, we decided to take it up a notch.

It matters to us what happens to the devices after they have successfully served their current owners. We don’t just collect the devices when the subscription period is over, but ensure that their lifecycle value is maximised in favour of the community. That is why we provide utilised devices to people in need to improve their quality of life.

Utilising Subscription-Based Products

We realised that it is a bit tricky to utilise old computers on mature markets of Western Europe. As the standard of living is high, the market is quite saturated and consumers prefer to exchange their used devices for brand new ones over a couple of years. Let’s face it – in a ruthless competition, tech brands put lots of emphasis on design and user experience to keep the demand high.

Now, smartphones are in peoples’ pockets no matter the corner of the world they live in, but things are different when it comes to computers. As cultures and societies differ, so does the attitude towards the necessity of computers. For example, in Morocco, basic IT skills are not taught at school and only a minority of inhabitants own a computer. It is rather a symbol of status instead of a daily working tool. That is why the advancement level of computer users is pretty uneven and many don’t even see the value in obtaining IT knowledge.

A workshop in Morocco to improve basic IT skills of the local youth.

Improving Career Outlook of the Moroccans

We decided to change that. Together with our partner, we launched a computer study programme in Morocco. We rented utilised computers in combination with workshops to improve basic IT skills. We could do that thanks to consumers preferring subscription-based products and contributing to the circular economy.

Our goal was to show the young locals what opportunities open up if they advance their skills. After explaining how people could work as help desk employees for large foreign banks, solve their customers’ simple everyday issues and earn twice the Moroccan minimum wage, the tables turned. A few more similar examples made people realise that this supports their career and self-development. Ultimately, the locals would get solid opportunities for a high-qualified job and a larger income.

Contribute to Circular Economy with Subscription-Based Products

We believe that by utilising technology and directing it into the circular economy, its lifetime value is remarkably increased. Modern tech devices can still offer a lot of benefits after a couple of years of use. When the functionality is there, why not give it a new life. The change starts with us - by acting in a socially responsible way, we can positively impact the environment and the community.

Fairown provides the opportunity to leverage social responsibility through subscription-based products. If you are considering launching a subscription-based model, feel free to reach out to us for useful advice!


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