We enable 
circular economy

Our software enables companies to launch, manage, and transform into a subscription business.

Ready from day one

Prepare and launch subscription bundles

Bundle services and products into one monthly paymentPackage various products together and launch subscription plans the next month.


Easy to scale 

Manage packages and iterate on monthly plans

Quickly price and package your offerings. With Fairown you can add new products or scale to other markets within the same set-up.


Increased customer loyalty

Arrange renewals cycle and upsell offerings

Encourage environmentally friendly behavior and increased customers' satisfaction through perfect timing for replacement and upgrade offerings.


It's time to shift from linear to a contactless circular economy

The world is shifting to a circular type of business model. That's why we built technology to enable subscription bundles.


"80% of customers are demanding new
consumption models" 

The Economist 

Empowering the heroes

Here are the heroes who shift from linear to circular economy: 

Customers want

a new way to relate to you.

Subscription gives them what they’re looking for.

Yes, handbag subscription is the new reality

Fashion as a Service is one of the trends born out of a people’s need to maintain their chosen lifestyle.


By transforming the traditional concept like handbag “ownership” into a financial subscription service, ...

Discount on a future purchase… Seriously?

Product subscription is the rational way for customers and brands to make a deal when product replacement takes place in a planned manner.


Such an approach would certainly rationalize production, marketing, and shipping.

Furniture subscription is following hot on the heels of device subscription

Megastore IKEA announced furniture leasing trial in 30 countries starting in 2020.

Climate change and unsustainable consumption are among the biggest challenges we face in society - business development like this shows... 

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