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The secret sauce in product subscription of 3 Step IT

Firstly, I’d like to express my gratitude to two great Finnish guys — Jarkko Veijalainen and Artti Aurasmaa — the gurus of subscription solutions, who have established a successful IT hardware subscription company for corporate customers. I had a chance to work with them for a few years back in the early 2000s, the inspiration is still going strong.

Last week, we heard some big news: BNP Paribas has established a strategic alliance with 3 Step IT. The purpose of such an alliance is to become the leading provider of Product-as-a-Service solutions for enterprises for technology equipment across Europe. The company also plans to take the lead in promoting the circular economy with services that help to maintain equipment in use and extend the life of returned equipment by reconditioning it and putting it up for resale.

3 Step IT has already been a leading innovator in this part of the world for 20 years now, moving towards 1B EUR revenue and managing almost 2M technology units for corporate customers and government institutions As the circular economy gets defined more explicitly, I believe there is a tremendous opportunity for subscription solutions in the consumer and SME space. SMEs and enterprises are including more aspects of sustainability in their strategies and plan to add circular economy practices to their business models. The structure of this shift is similar to the one that 3 Step IT has just presented, where strategic alliances will be created between banks and service providers. The circular economy is the answer to many questions related to the transformation of a company’s business model, as it is indeed the key to rationalized production and supply chain marketing, as well as shipping. Referring to:


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