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Seasoned Go-to-Market Strategist Velipekka Kuoppala Joins Fairown as Chief Strategy Officer

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

With 25 years of experience in teaming up with partners in over 70 countries, Velipekka Kuoppala joined Fairown as Chief Strategy Officer. He will help us advance a circular economy and sustainable consumption in new markets across Europe.

Fairown's Chief Strategy Officer Velipekka Kuoppala.

Consumers today value experience over ownership. They are not into owning, but using a product. “This trend requires efforts from brands and retailers to be able to recycle products in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable manner. Hence, Fairown’s goal is to help companies across sectors to achieve that,” explained Veli.

Kuoppala has a deep understanding of how to help B2B and B2C enterprises with go-to-market strategies while maximising their return on investment. His incomparable experience in the telecom and IoT sector will help to unlock the potential of sustainable consumption models in these fields.

Veli said, “A multitude of connected products can be sold on subscription basis and recycled at the right time. Think of all the bikes, drones, laptops, mobile phones, and other connected home appliances or gardening products that could be given a second life.”

Fintech and tech-orientated SaaS products are very close to Kuoppala’s heart. As an investor in various tech start-ups and founder of others, he is a true asset for any company looking for new innovative and sustainable ways to boost revenue streams and value for end-users.

Kuoppala has 25 years of face-to-face teaming experience with customers, collaborators, and partners in over 70 countries. His goal at Fairown is to advise and build relationships, solve problems, and create value. Also, to get banks, consumer brands, and retailers on board and educate on the higher value of sustainable subscription models. Veli concluded, "I don't care about the product, I care about solving customer problems. That is it."

The world has witnessed an uptake of many buy now, pay later (BNPL) solutions during the past couple of years. None of these comes close to offering such a responsible consumption model as Fairown.

Hendrik Roosna, CEO at Fairown, added, “Our mission is to drive the shift from a linear to a circular economy. Linear BNPL solutions trigger higher consumption without any responsibility for a greener world. Sustainability is accompanied by our subscription payment model that allows offering products as a service and helps to reduce waste through product recycling. We brought Veli to our leadership team to advise companies who want to make an eco-friendly impact.”

If you want to make a difference and be remembered as the one kicking off a truly circular economy, reach out to us.

Join our cause - let’s enable a sustainable and circular economy.


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