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Discount on a future purchase… Seriously?

In a world of hardware, the producer is always one step ahead of the customer. Usually, when we buy our iPhone Xs or new gaming PCs, the next model is already on the assembly line with the third generation under development.

As soon as the next new product is ready, they start advertising it widely. As a loyal customer, I already know that I’d like to replace my used gadget with the latest cool model.

As we know, certain brands never offer any discount and keep the same pricing strategy around the globe — most likely because they’re not very good at identifying loyal customers.

Here’s why and how loyal customers should get a discount on new products.

Firstly, loyal customers don’t need to be convinced to replace. So, producers could extract the savings on the marketing and sell me their next new model cheaper.

Secondly, if a used product from the previous generation is still in good condition, it’s an additional source of discount if you’re willing to hand it back.

Product subscription is the rational way for customers and brands to make a deal when product replacement takes place in a planned manner. Such an approach would certainly rationalize production, marketing, and shipping.

In future, your desired next-generation gadget would be produced and shipped to you on a predictable basis, and increased efficiency can be applied to your current purchase.

To sum up the pros for users:

  • At least 20–30% discount if the future purchase is scheduled

  • Priority line for new products

  • Less hustle on automatic replacements

Pros for producers:

  • Higher efficiency on production

  • Reduced marketing budget

  • Better control of the market as producers collect out-dated devices

Would you personally subscribe for your next gadget?


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