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Boosting Employee Growth with Fairown Innovation Days

In today's fast-paced world, companies understand the importance of helping their employees grow professionally. That's why Fairown has introduced an exciting initiative called Innovation Days.

Brita Moorus, Product Engineering Manager at Fairown
Brita Moorus, Product Engineering Manager at Fairown

This special day allows employees to focus on their personal career development by reading, attending conferences, taking courses, or pursuing other knowledge-building activities.

This blog post will explore the benefits of Innovation Days for employees and companies. We'll also discuss how they foster a culture of innovation and collaboration.

Fueling Personal Growth

Imagine having a whole day each month dedicated to your professional growth. No meetings or deadlines, just uninterrupted time for learning and development. That's exactly what Innovation Days at Fairown offers our employees. They have the freedom to choose how they want to learn and grow.

Here are some examples on how our team has used their Innovation Days.

  • Some employees have taken product ownership and task refining courses, improving their skills in effective project management.

  • Others have created app prototypes, unleashing their creativity and exploring new possibilities.

  • Learning a new programming language or framework has been a popular choice, allowing our team to expand their technical expertise and stay ahead of the curve.

  • Testing out different frameworks and selecting the best one for development has been another practical use of Innovation Days, ensuring efficient and optimised software development processes.

  • Innovation Days have also been dedicated to composing product strategies, where our team dives deep into market research and develops winning strategies.

These examples showcase how Innovation Days at Fairown give employees a sense of ownership and motivation to pursue their interests and career goals.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Innovation Days not only promote personal growth, but encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing within Fairown. Before the Innovation Day, employees agree with their team leads on the date and topic, so that project timelines can be adjusted accordingly. Afterwards, employees are expected to share their new knowledge with their team, and even the entire Fairown community, if they wish. This can be done in different ways, for example, through presentations, Confluence, or any other means they prefer.

By sharing what they've learned, people create a culture of collaboration and open learning within the company. These innovative insights can lead to improved processes, products, or services. It also inspires others to embark on their own learning journeys, creating a continuous cycle of growth and innovation.

Benefits for Employees and Fairown

Innovation Days bring a wide range of benefits to both employees and Fairown:

  • these dedicated days empower employees to stay updated in their field, adapt to industry changes, and acquire new skills that can improve their performance and career prospects;

  • Fairown’s commitment to employee well-being and professional development manifests in regular opportunities for self-improvement.

On an organisational level, Innovation Days contribute to a more innovative and flexible workforce. The culture of continuous learning supported by these days strengthens employee engagement and collaboration, creating a positive work environment where knowledge sharing becomes a norm. With team members constantly growing and learning at Innovation Days, Fairown is well-positioned to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry.

Innovation Days are a powerful way for employee growth. By fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous learning, Fairown creates an environment where employees can unleash their full potential and contribute to the company's success.

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