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Infografikk Becomes the 1st Apple Premium Reseller in the Nordics to Launch Fairown’s Product Buyback

Fairown and Infografikk, one of the biggest Apple Premium Resellers in Norway, launched Infografikk EASY to endorse the reuse of Apple products in a flexible and affordable way for consumers.

This marks the maiden launch of Fairown’s product buyback solution by any Apple Premium Reseller in the Nordics. The financing partner in this model is Resurs Bank, a leading bank in the Nordics.

Fairown-Infografikk partnership

Hendrik Roosna, CEO at Fairown, celebrated the launch, “I’m delighted to see more Apple Premium Resellers across Europe prioritising sustainability and product reuse. We are already partnering up with iDeal in Lithuania and Cortland in Poland. The fact that Infografikk decided to join the movement by offering customers a flexible and sustainable way of owning premium Apple products, speaks for itself.”

Hendrik Roosna, CEO at Fairown
Hendrik Roosna, CEO at Fairown

Product Buyback: Access to Apple Products Without the Hassle of Resale

Infografikk EASY is a flexible way to own Apple products for fixed, affordable monthly payments. Customers can use their favourite products for 24 months and upgrade to a new one. They are guaranteed a product buyback option and residual value for their devices upon return. 

This gives consumers access to the latest technology, for example, iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, etc. At the same time, contributing to the circular economy and sustainable consumption.

EASY is built using Fairown Buyback platform that removes the hassle of resale for consumers. It’s a combination of credit and product buyback. Just think about what happens to our old products? Buying a new product is not a problem, selling the old one is. That’s why we buy back the product, fix it up, and find a good use for it. This keeps products in circulation for as long as possible, until recycling.

How product buyback works

Unlocking New Customer Segments With Product Buyback

Unlocking new customer segments can be puzzling. Especially, in a saturated B2C consumer electronics market, where everyone’s got their skin in the game. But not anymore.

EASY is here to educate customers to appreciate the convenience of product buyback. It’s aimed at consumers who value new technology, flexible product ownership, and care for the environment. They prefer the experience of usage over owning, and want to avoid any hassle of getting rid of the products they no longer need. From now on, we do all the heavy lifting. 

Under this partnership, Fairown provides the payment platform for product buyback and manages product renewals; Resurs Bank takes care of product financing; and Infografikk provides Apple products to customers. 

Roosna commented, “We are happy to welcome Infografikk to our family and open up new market segments to them. With Fairown Buyback, they can attract new customers, increase customer loyalty, and gain recurring sales, which are the cornerstones of our solution. We support them in raising the bar with a new kind of value proposition - a flexible way for customers to access premium Apple products and get rid of old ones, hassle-free.”

Christian Andersen, Marketing Manager at Infografikk, said, “We are very pleased to now offer a financing option with a fixed monthly price for Apple products. This is a trend we see becoming increasingly popular among our customers. Thanks to Fairown, we have adopted a forward-looking concept that will provide us with a competitive advantage. We are also very satisfied with Fairown’s support in implementation, advisory services, and technical assistance.”

Christian Andersen, Marketing Manager at Infografikk
Christian Andersen, Marketing Manager at Infografikk

Product Buyback Allows for an Intuitive Customer Experience

Delivering new types of product ownership methods for consumers is not always smooth sailing. Merchants have a myriad of options to choose from, starting with rental or leasing. In that case, many financial risks and product development complexities fall on merchants’ shoulders. 

Infografikk valued a risk-free scenario combined with ease of use. They chose Fairown, because the technical solution enabled them to integrate EASY very deeply into their site.

Roosna explained, “Fairown Buyback enables merchants to get a solution with their branding, look and feel. We provide the payment platform and embedded product financing. During the integration process, Infografikk formed the technical solution according to their specific needs. That really enabled them to make EASY their own and create a smooth customer experience.”

Offering product buyback to your customers is easy! Get in touch to find out more.

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