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Buying products without the hassle of resale

Discover the smart and sustainable way of ownership with Fairown Buyback.

What can happen in a year...


  • Children growing out of their bikes?

  • Your phone is getting slow?

  • Your laptop has an impressive upgrade?

Buying a new product is not a problem. 
Selling the old ones is.

Fairown Buyback lets you own things on your own terms. We work with leading brands and retailers. This is a convenient way to own electronics, hobby equipment, or anything that is expensive or you only need it for a couple of years.

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Short update cycle

New product versions are introduced every year, like smartphones.

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Limited user need

Baby items, hobby equipment or similar that one buyer needs for a short time.

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Durable goods

Tools, vehicles, or hi-fi equipment with a long life span and a high resale value.

Selection of leading brands, offering Fairown Buyback

Convenient and more sustainable

Fairown extends the useful life of goods. We buy things back from the original owner, refurbish them, and sell to someone else. In the end, we recycle the materials for something new.

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