Consistent and reliable funding source 

Financing is one of the key components of subscription services. For this purpore we work with local, international banks and trusted lenders.

How Fairown improves your cashflow

Improve cash flow

Preserve working capital

Corporate equipment acquisition financing or leasing allows you to take possession of equipment quickly, while preserving working capital for other strategic purposes.

Save with possible tax benefits

Reduce risks

Several structures help you divest obsolescence risk, and provide flexibility to match equipment needs with business cycles.

Leverage equity

Support growth with flexible funding options

You can match terms of funding with useful life of equipment. You have the option to choose either fixed or floating rates.

Our competence within financial services  


New and used equipment loans and leases


Equipment re-financing arrangements


Lease lines of credit for equipment capital expenditures


Asset-based revolving lines of credit


Residual value financing arrangements


Sale-leaseback transactions


Cash flow loan structures

"For the past 10 years our team provided equipment loans of EUR 60M to meet the needs of our customers and their businesses"

Fairown CEO Hendrik Roosna

Expert in the subscription and
industry in Nordics

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